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Peter Serrado


Rarely, if ever do truly exceptional artists appear out of thin air. But Peter Serrado did. Until 19, Peter was a shower singer with a love of soulful blue-toned music. With friends that loved his subtle rasp, delicious tone and powerful emotional range, he was a lover of music without career aspirations. On a lark he entered a major singing contest in Toronto and ran the table. It was a true revelation winning the Long And McQuade Singing Contest.

Along the way, Peter met manager and former Canadian Idol Judge Zack Werner. Working together, Peter has now plunged headlong into the musical waters. Writing, performing and exploring new musical ideas has become the centre point of his life. His debut EP was recorded with Steve Singh of The DoGood Assassins over the summer of 2013. Steve had just finished production work for Brendan Canning’s (Broken Social Scene) solo album and the seminal Canadian songwriter Ron Hawkins Lowest Of The Low).

The EP is a blues influenced jam of romantic longing, urban soul and butt shaking. It’s a courageous and impressive launch for an artist that came out of nowhere only a year ago. Now building his band and developing his solo performance chops, Peter may have appeared out of thin air but he staking out firm ground for his future in music. 




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Peter Serrado

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